From Peter Dicks to Waldo Emerson Dick

            My American Dick Family began in Pennsylvania in 1684:
            Americans at the birth of America......

Chester England
Peter Dicks (1654-1704) and his wife Esther Maddock (1661-1709) left Chester, England in 1684 on the Friendship of Liverpool and arrived, after a three month crossing of the Atlantic, in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Waldo Emerson Dick (1907-1996), born in Indiana, and his wife Hellen Frances Fritz (1909-2000), born in Michigan, were my parents.

This website outlines how Peter & Esther and Waldo & Hellen -- and several generations in between -- are related........

As a critical historian, I have tried to document my family history all along the way; and I remain open to new discoveries and corrections in my family's story, as long as they too can be documented.

- John Alonzo Dick

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Chapter One : Thoughts about the origins of the family name and the first four generations.

Chapter Two : A strong-willed Peter Dicks lays solid Quaker foundations in Pennsylvania.

Chapter Three : A next generation Peter Dicks wants nothing to do with the Quakers and moves on.

Chapter Four : The Dick Family become Virginia pioneers.

Chapter Five : Gr gr grandfather John Dick.

Chapter Six : Gr grandfather Uriah John Dick (also strong-willed) moves his family to Indiana.

Chapter Seven :  From Alonzo William Dick to Waldo Emerson Dick.

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Chester England
I have learnd the hard way that the genealogical journey is never a private trip down memory lane based on family legends and pet hunches.

It is a disciplined journey and is only possible when one has competent, helpful and trustworthy guides.

I would like to thank in particular some people who, very early in my journey, pointed me in good directions and helped me stay clear of potholes along the way: Katherine Benbow Dick, Gary Edwards, Ron and Jean Dick and Jackie Milburn and Warren. 
Cousins John Alonzo Dick and Gary Edwards at Dick family cemetery outside Winchester Virginia - July 2007.